Evelyn: Patience is a virtue.

Rick: Not right now it isn’t.

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I insist upon dancing. Anywhere. Anytime. The more dancing, the better.

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The Panda makes the catch and sticks the landing - October 1, 2014

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Tom’s sexy strut.

lokis-ice-queen - I don’t even think I have to put anything for this. haha

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American Horror Story: Freak Show main titles

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Over and over again.
                                               (Besides, death would be a sweet out.)

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It’s pretty sad when I look at the clock and see it’s 9:45pm and say to myself, “Shit, I need to be in bed.”
I’m really over being up at 4am.


les mis movie memefour locations [3/4] café musain

This was held in the back room of the Café Musain. Nearly all the Friends of the A B C were together that evening. The large lamp was ceremoniously lit. They loudly talked of one thing or another, but without passion. Except for Enjolras and Marius, who were silent, each one harangued a little at random. Conversations among comrades sometimes include such good-natured uproar. It was a game and a fracas as much as a conversation. One threw out words that another caught. They were talking in each of the four corners.

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musicalfanforever reblogged your post:
So sorry :(

it’s alright, goin’ to the doctor tomorrow

Well, that’s good. :) I hope you feel better soon :)



Loki’s Whispers - Solace.

Some soothing words of comfort submitted by the lovely amatasera. Not only does she write beautifully, but she also draws exquisite artwork of your favourite Norse god (and Tom). Have a look at her work, I’m sure you’ll adore it as much as I do. If you have some soothing, non-dirty whispers for Loki, I might be able to read them too (though I’m more confident with my darker Loki voice at this stage).

"Shhhhhh…..I know, my dear, I know. It’s alright, I am here with you now, so please dry those lovely eyes. Let me fold your poor little aching body to mine, with your arms anchored around me and the weight of your weary head on my chest. I promise, I promise, I am not letting go until I’ve made you forget everything that troubles you.”

Awwww :’) greengirl888 musicalfanforever cuddlesthehiddles naughtysuperlockturtle flyingdren 

I needed this tonight too :)

TitleLoki's Whispers - Solace


Loki’s Dirty Whispers #50. Requested by

"Did you know that you often bite your lips when deep in contemplation? You think too much, darling. Perhaps you should put them to better use."

Original quote here.

lokis-ice-queen - for your ovaries darling :)

TitleLoki's Dirty Whispers #50


Loki’s Dirty Whispers #47. Another inspiring whisper for anyone who needs a confidence boost. Requested by

“You are perfect as you are. There is no need for you to change. Let my voice, my words, be all you know tonight.”

Original quote here.

TitleLoki's Dirty Whispers #47


O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. I wasn’t really trying to Tom’s voice in this, just an English accent that maybe sounds a bit like him in places, but it’s a lovely poem regardless.

Anyone feel like standing on a desk after that? :)

TitleO Captain! My Captain! - Walt Whitman


Loki’s Dirty Whispers #46. Requested by . Loki brings you a very important message about body positivity. Remember that beauty and attractiveness comes in all shapes and sizes, and you are beautiful no matter what. Also, Loki had sex with a rock once, so he’s probably into you no matter what you look like.

"You’re ashamed of your body? My love, your body is perfection. Come to the mirror… See how your waist is perfect for my arms? How the curves of your hips give a perfect hold? How you fit perfectly against me? How your breasts fit perfectly in my hands? And can you feel how much simply caressing your skin excites me? Keep watching. Watch me show you how much I love your form…"

Original quote here.

I needed this tonight. :)

TitleLoki's Dirty Whispers #46